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With our partners, our team creates, installs, and manages multi-user reactive video environments for cultural and corporate installations.

We are currently prototyping a new form of modular pop-up event space, a 360 degree 4K immersive video environment.

The animations and unique video assets are completely reactive to proximity, touch, gesture and body positioning, and once the underlying video structures are mapped, we can quickly change out the video assets to allow a complete rebrand of the space for commercial clients.

This allows us to offer a turnkey branded experience that can be changed over on a frequent basis, and will provide unique guest experiences when supported with tailored food and beverage offerings.

As a part of the 100th Anniversary festivities at Rochester Museum & Science Center, our team installed a multi-user interactive installation at the Imagination Celebration that translated body movement into reactive patterns and colors. Each individual response was programmed to affect the adjacent animation, creating layers of effects.

Surfing Stardust, The Smithsonian Museum