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As a part of the purchase and takeover of ING Direct by Capital One, we were invited to rethink how the bank of the future would manifest itself in the age of digital and mobile transactions.

We conceived of the spaces as a digitally-extended social gathering place that was programmed to host community events, including relevant talks about money and finance from local experts and partnering with the local community by offering space and advice for local businesses and community groups.

The concept was piloted in the Boston area in five locations, and the learnings were codified into a rollout plan for dozens of locations across the United States.

This work was completed by our leadership under Pompei AD, a previous agency.

Our brief was to design a retail store that would function as exit retail for the attraction The New World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, GA, as well as the flagship for a new global retail concept.

This project represented a unique collaborative effort, as the store was intended to present a new face for one of the most recognizable brands on the planet. The client understood that they needed to really know who their customers were, and to realign themselves with that core community, from the products and services they offered to the graphic design, store fixturing and store design, as well as new interactive digital media.

Coca-Cola wanted to transform the experience of being a part of the Coca-Cola community.

This work was completed by our leadership under Pompei AD, a previous agency.

The Aldo Group was asked bu the IFC Mall to create a unique expression of their main brand that would become a part of a singular collection of retail destinations. We were tasked with designing a unique store offering, while still maintaining and celebrating the recognizable core principles of the merchandise and brand in a new market.

In addition to the design challenges, we were tasked with executing the store concept using partners and vendors who were local to the Hong Kong area and Southeastern Mainland China. Our ability to manage this scenario involved nuanced understanding of local culture, business practices and the local construction industry in order to deliver for a client who was under tremendous pressure to deliver a new and untested store model in a premium environment.

This work was completed by our leadership under Pompei AD, a previous agency.

A global rebrand of Sheraton Hotels including a new logo, updated lobby concept, new room designs all focusing on community and creating "The World's Gathering Place".

The campaign started with announcing the rebrand at the NYU investment summit with a concept lobby and continued through global events that featured the variations of the concept based on their specific locations in the world, to finally celebrating the re-openings of multiple hotels that featured the new design.