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As a part of an ongoing global press program with Daimler and Mercedes-Benz, our team has helped to imagine and execute a series of luxury hospitality events that have completely transformed how the brand speaks to the press and to it's customers.

Production includes location scouting, hospitality planning, content strategy, exhibit design and fabrication, guest management, installation, operations and brand partnerships at each location, which range from 8-12 per year.

The successful press marketing events program takes advantage of unique locations, seasonal and aspirational storytelling opportunities, and has been cited as a major reason behind the 25% sales growth of 2021-2023.

This work was completed by our leadership under OSK, a previous agency.

Stolichnaya Russian Vodka wanted to create a total brand experience in the form of a month-long, luxury entertainment venue. We were commissioned by Legacy Marketing Partners to design and execute The Stoli Hotel, an innovative pop-up experience, which traveled to various locations around the United States, opening its doors for one month in each major city it visited.

The design elements needed to be self-contained, easily transported and set up, with minimal construction needed at each new location.

With celebrity exposure from the launch in Hollywood CA, the venue quickly became a profitable collaboration between Stoli and numerous private clients, who each saw the value in hosting events in the turnkey temporary venue.

This work was completed by our leadership under Pompei AD, a previous agency.

As a part of the launch of the flagship Samsung S8 phone series, our team designed and installed a top-secret installation at multiple locations within Harrod's of Knightsbridge in London, UK.

The installation featured a pop-up shop with customizable products and reactive LED displays that used SMS to generate unique localized graphics, as well as a an interactive array of 90" plasma screens with 1:1 animated content that featured Samsung's entire appliance line in one display. The approach minimized the retail footprint required to display a full appliance line, as well as creating a theatrical display to engage multiple users.

This interactive installation was completed under Cheil MDLab, engineered by The Barbarian Group and installation was done by Lucky Fox.

In order to meet the demand for stories that the press required for the performance AMG brand surrounding the Geneva, New York and Los Angeles International Automotive Shows, our team created a pop-up concept called “Meet AMG” that premiered on the first evening of press days at each of the shows.

These events featured a capsule press program, multiple car model reveals, access to brand, marketing and technical leasership and luxury hospitality for over 600 guests a night.

This clever format extended the access to our client's audiences and created a new, much anticipated way to engage with the AMG brand and it's people.

This work was completed by our leadership under OSK, a previous agency.

For the second annual Bar Convent Brooklyn, we created "Club Bébo" for Royal Dutch Distillers to highlight the newest liquor in their portfolio, Bébo. Inspired by the brand's marketing campaign, we brought to life a fictitious illicit prohibition bar as a platform to present the brand's signature "Café Mucho Gusto" cocktail.

The 20'x10' booth fronted as a Cuban coffee shop, but through the passageway guests entered with world of Club Bébo. With a Café Mucho Gusto in hand, guests took in Club Bébo's 1920's prohibition bar inspired design, with Art Deco decor and highlighted product displays. As part of the secret club, guests were invited to commemorate their visit with a black and white Polaroid portrait, scratching out their eyes with a black bar to conceal their identity.

This work was completed by our leadership under OSK, a previous agency.

As a part of the launch of Stoli's "Elit" Ultra-Premium category, we created an experiential roadshow concept - The Stoli Hotel - that became a highly profitable B2B sales engine, with nightly sold out attendance for nearly every major client. The series generated more than 14 million unique media impressions in over 4 months, and has become a benchmark for successful experiential marketing across multiple categories.